Day 364|365
December 30,2011 (Friday)
Stayed home all day. Boring day. ugh. yeah. pretty much it. tomorrow is the last day.

Day 363 |365
December 29,2011 (Thursday)
Went shopping at Target and bought snacks. Watched movies the whole day. It was an okay day I guess.

Day 362 |365
December 28,2011 (Wednesday)
Watched movies with the confirmation group at AMC. It was uber fun! We played at Bounz city too. Went shopping and ate. Had good talks with Christian,Jordan,Erika,and Tiff! Thanks for the ride back home Christian. <3

Day 361 |365
December 27,2011 (Tuesday)
Visited jennifer! <3 Pigged out & watched the Grudge 3… lol. FUCKING SHIT AND SHE WANTED ME TO WATCH THE MELODY SHIT WITH HER. Eh, no. 

Day 359 |365
December 25,2011 (Sunday)
Watched games all day :)
Family bond typa shit. 
Well, opened her present in her car. I loved it. (‘: Eeeep.

Day 358 |365
December 24,2011 (Saturday)
Christmas eve! <3
Went to aunt’s house.
Ate & prayed. Good food :)
Opened presents. I’m glad they like the presents. aha.
It was funny cos everyone kept giving Rocky attention. lol.
I’m satisfied with what I got for Christmas.

Day 355 |365
December 21,2011 (Wednesday)
Went shopping for baby Rocky. He got so attached to me. Omfg. asdfghjkl;

Day 354 |365
December 20,2011 (Tuesday)
Spent the day with Kristal and IT BOY. They made it fun. Bought things for people and myself. Lol. SHOOOT. I’M SLICK YO. But yeah. LALALOVE TODAY.
And I got my new puppy. :)

Day 353 |365
December 19,2011 (Monday)
Good day! Went shopping with family. Mostly bought things for me… LOL.

Day 351 |365
December 17,2011 (Saturday)
Bubba came over ! (=
We went and got ready for Christmas in the park. Walked around. Got hot chocolate. Ate at Johnny rockets. good talks. Piggy back rides. The old man gave me popcorn to give to her. HAHAHAHA. After Christmas in the Park walked to that Nutcracker show place outside. We messed around there and she told me to run to her and carry me. Then, we talked about 1 year ago about how she was supposed to ask me out. She went on her knees and asked me out.. it was so cute and like we “broke up” and I went on my knees and asked her out. <3 Got picked up and she slept over. hehe.